Project Astro-Genius

A research project in astrology aiming to test and possibly improve current methods inherited from medieval practice, and to investigate new ones to ultimately provide astrologers with a handy predictive tool in diagnosis of high cognitive ability and genius.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Invitation To Join Project Astrogenius

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Hakan E. Kayioglu.

Currently I am a member of several high IQ societies: Mensa Int., Glia and ISI-S.

I began studying astrology on my own in 2000. Soon I felt dissatisfied with modern astrology and started to explore the tradition in 2003. Starting in 2005 I focused extensively on classical and traditional astrology (mainly predictive medieval astrology techniques).

As I - like possibly many others in the high IQ land - have also been interested in intelligence since teenage, started last year to think about whether astrology (especially "medieval predictive astrology" which, as opposed to contemporary astrology, has systematic procedures and methods that are said to successfully predict concrete events in one's life to an appreciable extent) can shed a different light to our understanding of intellectual giftedness with its existing - but ignored for a few centuries - methods, and procedures yet to be discovered.

Can there be consistent significators, signs (even signatures) or coherent patterns in the horoscopes of intelligent persons, which - once fully understood - would enable us to easily predict/diagnose one's intellectual giftedness with some confidence.After all, pattern recognition is known to be an essential cognitive ability in the makeup of intelligence and some people define this sort of cognitive ability as "recognizing the orderly patterns in a seemingly chaotic environment".

Albeit in the form of trying to see the secret patterns in one's horoscope that is often exceedingly but as often seemingly chaotic!

Thus, this blog is just to explore those signs of rare and high intelligence through astrology. For the objective purposes of this project, by "rare intelligence" it is meant to have an IQ score above 3 standard deviations, and by "high intelligence" it is meant to have an IQ score above 2 and at or below 3 standard deviations. So, anyone who has an IQ score above 145 (sd=15), or 148 (sd=16), or 172 (sd=24), or at or above 1 in a 1000 of unselected adult population is encouraged to participate in this project by sending one's data (see DATA REQUESTED below for explanations) with an e-mail stating "rare IQ" in the subject to

Anyone who has an IQ score above 130 (sd=15), or 132 (sd=16), or 148 (sd=24) or at or above 2 percent of unselected adult population but below the "rare" level is encouraged to participate in this project by sending one's data with an e-mail stating "high IQ" in the subject to

This blog also intends to serve as a medium to:
- collect birth data from voluntary contributors who are current or ex members of high IQ societies;

- publish findings, ideas, hypotheses and insights based on progressive evaluation of collected data in the form of statistical reports as well as qualitative analyses and discussions;

- develop testable astrological procedures to predict rare and high intelligence (meaning to predict that the native whose horoscope has been deliniated is supposed to be someone with high or rare intelligence based on a set of astrological criteria);

- ultimately and hopefully develop an Astrological Theory of High and Rare Intelligence


IMPORTANT NOTE : Item with a preceding asterisk means "required", else "optional".

*1) Date of birth (day/name of the month/year): Please always name the month. Do not give its number as there are different date formats. Requested format is 15 June 1971, not 06/15/1971 or 15/06/1971

*2) Place of birth (city and country): Examples: Glendora, CA, USA or Bochum, Germany

*3) Time of birth in the best known precision in 24 hour units, local time: Examples in order of decreasing precision can be 21:15, between 21 and 21:30, between 21 and 22, in the evening and certainly before midnight, in the evening but I don't know when etc.)

*4) Source of birth time data (hospital record, mother, father or relatives, rectification by a professional astrologer, other (please specify))

*5) Name of the society with the highest cut-off which you are a member of (If, for example, you are a member of both Glia Society and Olympiq, you may state Olympiq only)

6) Name (optional but suggested in case of need for research purposes only such as for authentication of one's membership of the HIQ society mentioned in 5 above)

MORE IMPORTANT: I, Hakan Erdil, in complete observance of and respect for privacy, guarantee that identity of each voluntary contributor of data will be kept strictly confidential unless the contributor oneself allowed me to disclose it in prior written notice of consent by e-mail upon my inquiry.

Other data such as birth time and location of birth may together be used in good intent and for purpose of research only, such as by publishing of data or the horoscope (still securing the person's identity) to illustrate an idea, technique, or method. Those who do not find this enough for privacy and ask more are kindly requested to let me know.

Here I would like to express my sincere thanks to all that contributed to this project by providing their birth data once again and also advance thanks to the prospective contributors!

Please visit this blog now and then to enjoy new posts.