Project Astro-Genius

A research project in astrology aiming to test and possibly improve current methods inherited from medieval practice, and to investigate new ones to ultimately provide astrologers with a handy predictive tool in diagnosis of high cognitive ability and genius.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Part of Skill


Formula: From mercury to pars futurorum by day and reverse by night, and projected from the ascendant

Significations: “The fifth part of the fifth differentia is called the part of skill, talent, acuity, and discipline of all arts and of memory and the like, or pars calliditatis, ingenii, acuitatis etc. It is taken by day from the mercury to pars futurorum and by night in the opposite direction, and it is projected from the ascendant. The wise took this part in this way because all these things are signified by mercury and are attributed to him, and they refer to the soul, and the pars futurorum signifies the quality (condition) of the soul, and all these things proceed forth from the power of the soul [mind, intellect].

If it is in good condition and well disposed, and it is with Mercury in a nativity or question, and Mercury is of good condition, it signifies that the native will be expert in a good skill, of sharp mind, easily taught, as competent in many arts, learning all things which he desires and which he studies with less labour than others, and he will retain well what he has learned and all these things will profit him. But if they are unfortunate or evilly disposed, he will be able to learn, but the things he learns will not be useful to him; indeed he will get evil and distress because of the aforesaid."