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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dr.Evangelos Katsioulis

Now it is time to give an example.

I hope this will illustrate the use of some of the principles mentioned in the definition of the Part of Reasoning. For the illustration, I have chosen birth data of a living super IQ homo sapiens sapiens: Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, born in Ioannina, Greece on January 19, 1976 at 01:00 (Ascendant = 26d37m Libra).

Source of birth data is his personal website (See: ) I am also grateful to Dr.Katsioulis for his permission to publish this delineation here.

He enjoys membership of over 30 IQ societies as either a full member or a honorary member, the most exclusive one being the Giga Society which admits at 1 in a billion.

* * *

Before delineation I would like to tell you why I have selected him from among a number of other intelligent candidates: Because he suits very well (almost perfectly) with the requirements of the Part of Reasoning and he has been tested many times, each time proving his intelligence to be no less than one in a few million and up to one in a billion by rarity. So we are talking about a real person who can be tested this time against methods of medieval astrology. This kind of exceptionally intelligent people are also very important in order to calibrate, rectify and test our astrological methods.

Here we go!..

* * *

Selections: I will employ the Alcabitius semi-arc house system along with traditional rulerships with Dorothean triplicity rulers, Egyptian bound (term) rulers and Caldean face (decan) rulers. A 5-degree orb to the Part will be used as a stringent requirement as far as aspects to the Part are concerned, but aspects with larger orbs will also be accepted as a testimonial but of secondary importance when the more stringent requirement is not satisfied. For planetary aspects generally accepted orbs (e.g 9 degrees for Saturn and Jupiter, 8 degrees for Mars and 7 degrees for Venus and Mercury) will be taken; but whole-sign aspects will also be accepted with secondary importance when traditional orbs are not exactly satisfied.

Any statement which contains the term "ruler" or "lord" applies for all rulers separately in the hierarchy of 5 rulers but in order of decreasing importance from domicile to exaltation, triplicity, bound and face rulers each but with major emphasis residing with especially what are called the major rulers (domicile and exaltation) and what I would like to call the quasi-major ruler ( a ruler that has at least two of the lesser dignities at a point of interest, such as a planet having both the dignity of triplicity and bound, or triplicity and face, or bound and face). Almuten of the point of interest may take priority when it is different from the domicile ruler.

Considerations before judgement: As per Bonatti, presence of the ascendant, its ruler and the Moon in the rational signs endows the native with rational quality (this can roughly be taken to mean 'intelligence' by a modern interpretation). I would like to add to this Mercury as I often see it in a rational sign or in Aries (the special case of Aries needs explanation and I have one; but this will be skipped at the moment) in the charts of intelligent people. Rational signs are given as air triplicity (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), Virgo and first half of Sagittarius.

Our example figure has his ascendant in Libra nearly conjunct Spica, and Mercury in Aquarius to start with. For the record, Libra is the most frequently encountered ascendant in my current sample of 25 nativities (as of today, September 24, 2007). Both Mercury and ascendants seem to be higher than chance levels by presence in rational signs. I don't know if this will remain so when data accumulates.

Delineation based on the Part of Reasoning (to be referred to as PR, or the Part hereinafter):

* See his horoscope here
Ascendant is at 26d37m Libra and the Part is at 19d02m Gemini.

1) Lords of the ascendant, by order of importance are Saturn (almuten of the asc = exaltation and triplicity), Venus (co-almuten of the asc = ruler of domicile and bound), Mercury (primary triplicity ruler of a nocturnal nativity) and Jupiter (participating triplicity ruler)

- Saturn receives Mercury, ruler of the Part, by an opposition;
- Venus opposes the Part within about 2 degrees; opposes Mars (see below), trines Jupiter (trip ruler of the Part) and trines the Moon, significator of mind (especially perceptive and imaginational faculty of it);
- Mercury disposes the Part and makes a whole-sign trine to it and is received by opposition by Saturn (triplicity ruler of the Part), also trine a little off the orb with Mars, Mars being the quasi-major ruler of the Part (rules both bound and face at 19d02m Gemini);
- Jupiter casts a sextile to the Part. So all rulers of the ascendant either aspects the Part or its ruler or both.

2) Part of Reasoning is at 19d02m Gemini in the 8th quadrant (Alcabitius) house and 9th whole-sign house Rulers are: Mercury (domicile and triplicity = almuten), Mars (quasi-major ruler = dignity of bound and face), Saturn (secondary triplicity ruler for nocturnal nativity), Jupiter (participating triplicity ruler)

a) Aspects of the Part's rulers to the Part (receptions):

- Mercury receives the Part by a whole-sign trine - Mars conjunct the Part within 5 degree;
- Jupiter is sextile the Part with a tight orb. As far as the arabic lots are concerned the Part's being received by its rulers, especially if it is a major ruler, is very important and this, according to Bonatti, contributes more than other planets in the play.

b) Other Aspects :

- Moon is sextile the Part with a tight orb;
- Venus (ruler of the Asc) is opposite the Part with a tight orb. Although the Part's house position is mediocre all planets except the Sun and Saturn aspect the Part. This makes the Part very active and one of the focal points in the chart. The part is well disposed, so to speak, as it is well received by its rulers.

Of the planets aspecting the Part, Mars is very important as it is conjunct (powerful effect), and Mars, being one of the components of the Part, is the significator of "sharpness" and disposed by Mercury, which is the universal (natural) significator of intelligence.

3) Condition of Mercury and Mars:

a) Mercury: Mercury has the dignity of triplicity at 7d11m Aquarius so is fortunate; angular in the 4th house, so strong; but retrograde so afflicted. But it both aspects the Part albeit by a whole-sign trine and receives one quasi-major ruler (Mars) into his domicile dignity and itself is received by Saturn (almuten of the Ascendant) by opposition within orb, and by Venus (Lord of the Asc) by a whole-sign sextile.

Overall, Mercury is fairly good, if not excellent, and quite serves his purpose for the native in question by satisfying the criteria given in the definition of the Part.

b) Mars: Mars, as being the quasi-major ruler at the location of the Part, receives the Part by conjunction into his dignities (bound and face). Condition of Mars is almost excellent for several reasons:

- Mars is dignified at the Part's location,
- Mars is disposed by Mercury and received by it by a trine aspect,
- Mars is conjunct the Part (very beneficial for sharpness);

Mars is mediocre by house position and impeded by retrograde; but,
- Mars is in aspect (opposition) with Venus, Lord of the Ascendant,
- Mars is sextile Jupiter (triplicity ruler of both the ascendant and the Part, also the face ruler of the ascendant) also receiving him into his domicile in Aries,
- Mars is sextile the Moon, significator of perceptive mind and memory.

So, overall, Mars is very active by being multi-aspected with relevant rulers mostly by receptions and good aspects causing very high cognitive ability.

Seeing that each and every condition mentioned in the definition of the Part of Reasoning is satisfied, we judge, by a clear testimony of the horoscope, that the native in question, namely Dr.Evangelos Katsioulis must be a very intelligent person.

- End of delineation -


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