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A research project in astrology aiming to test and possibly improve current methods inherited from medieval practice, and to investigate new ones to ultimately provide astrologers with a handy predictive tool in diagnosis of high cognitive ability and genius.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Onur Sürmegözlüer

Onur is at inspector level by IQ in the Order of Imhotep according to Paul Cooijmans.


here to see his birth horoscope.

His ascendant is at 11d 22m Cancer, which, if precise, is almost exactly the same as Albert Einstein's.


His Part of Reasoning is at 5d 57m of Scorpio.

Disposition and aspects of the Part:

The Part is in the 5th house, moderately strong. Nocturnal triplicity ruler of the Part aspects the Part by a sextile. So the Part is well disposed.

Aspects between rulers of the ascendant and the Part:

I will take the major rulers only. Major rulers of the ascendant are Moon (domicile), Jupiter (exaltation) and Venus (quasi-major ruler which rules the ascendant both by nocturnal triplicity and bound).

- The Moon does not aspect the part.
- Jupiter does not aspect the Part.
- Venus, the quasi-major ruler which is in Virgo, a sign of critical eye, is sextile the Part.

Aspects between rulers of the ascendant and rulers of the Part:

Again major rulers only. Those are as given above for the ascendant. Major ruler of the Part is Mars (domicile, trip, bound and face). Indeed he is very much strong in the first couple of degrees of Scorpio. So we have to give due attention to Mars in this horoscope.

- The Moon does not aspect Mars within traditional orbs. In fact, she has just separated from the square aspect of Mars in less than a degree beyond the applicable moiety of 10 degrees.
- Mars aspects Jupiter by a sextile.
- Venus aspects Mars by a sextile.

Condition and aspects of Mercury:

Mercury, although afflicted by retrogradation, is strong in the 4th house. It is the primary triplicity ruler for this nocturnal nativity in Libra, casting its beneficial trine aspect to Mars, which is the primary ruler of the Part. Mercury also receives Mars into Gemini where it is the domicile ruler.

Mercury is in partile opposite aspect to Jupiter, which rules the ascendant by exaltation.

These are very important indicators favoring high intelligence.

Additional Indicators:

Another indicator which caught my attention for this horoscope is that both Mercury, Mars and Jupiter cast their beneficial aspects (i.e trine and sextile) to the Part's antiscion at 24d 03m Aquarius.

The Moon, which also rules the ascendant, Mercury and Mars are all in air signs that support intellectuality more than other signs in the zodiac.


The Part of Skill in Onur's horoscope is at 16d 29m Libra. Mercury, which is the universal significator of intelligence, is conjunct the Part. Conjunction is very powerful and preferred over other aspects as far as Arabic Parts (a.k.a Hermetic Parts or Greek Lots) are concerned.

Mercury is strong in the 4th house, also strong by essential dignity in its position at 20d 40m Libra where it has rulership of triplicity and bound (a.k.a term). The only impediment Mercury has is its being retrograde.

The Part of Skill is pretty well disposed in this horoscope.

All testimonies given above that are in perfect harmony with traditional astrology explain why Onur is so intelligent.

- End of Delineation -